Feeling gratitude and grief all at the same time

Letter to the Editor


Gratitude and grief are not emotions that I often sense simultaneously. I’m not sure it’s even fair to call what I feel grief. Perhaps mourning is more appropriate, but most certainly there is gratitude. I lived in San Marcos for 10 years, through some of the most significant moments of my life. Starting a family, graduating high school and college, and even buying my first home. Though life has taken me 4 hours up I-35, San Marcos is still where I tell people I’m from. My Mom and older brother still reside there. I was just there for Thanksgiving.

I never met Officer Kenneth Copeland during my time in Hays County, but I have found myself deeply grateful for him. He helped keep the city I called home safe and did the same for my family until this past Tuesday. From everything I’ve read, his legacy will continue to help the San Marcos Police Department in that mission. That is why this tragedy feels personal. While it’s national news, it’s personal as well. Make no mistake, every single life matters, but sometimes tragedies affect one more personally. I want to take that affection and acknowledge how grateful I am for the SMPD and honor Officer Copeland in the most appropriate way I know how. I am so thankful. My heart is with the city of San Marcos and I mourn with the Copeland family as I remember you in my prayers. I am so sorry for your loss. I am so thankful for the life of Kenneth Copeland and how his life served me through many days and moments of life, even as I was not aware.

May he be honored.

Nick Moore Denton

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