Women use birth control for many reasons

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

 As a young woman, in my early 20s about to graduate from college and start a new career hopefully at my dream company, I am scared for my reproductive health. I have stage 4 endometriosis, and am currently on my mother’s insurance plan that fully covers my birth control cost and provides full if not half of other costs that are involved with having this disorder.

Birth control provides me with pain relief and helps save my fertility until I decide to try to conceive. Unfortunately, my reproductive health and free birth control is threatened by the Trump administration’s new rule to broaden exemptions to the Affordable Care Act requirement that employer’s health care plans cover no-cost contraceptives.

I, like many women throughout the United States, use birth control to subside pain from period cramps, make periods easier and more predictable, as well as health benefits like reducing or preventing acne, bone thinning, and even endometrial and ovarian cancers. Yes, birth control prevents pregnancy, but it is also imperative for many women’s health. The Trump administration’s new rule is a blatant attack on myself and women’s health and selfdetermination.

The Administration is framing the rule to indicate it is increasing religious freedom, when in fact it is just an attack on women by letting businesses opt out of birth control coverage just by marking they morally or religiously oppose. This rule provides opportunity for pretty much all employers to stop covering cost and leaving it up to the employee to pay out of pocket or forgo birth control putting thousands of women in danger.  A company’s theological belief should not be able to interfere with the protection of a female’s reproductive health.

It is infuriating to watch the Trump administration make such flagrant attacks on an already marginalized group. The administration is not helping any woman by letting businesses oppose contraceptive coverage. This move is a step backwards for women’s rights, and the only thing this rule will do is hurt women’s health and increase unplanned pregnancies. So, I ask of you to reconsider your outlook on birth control to more than just a means of being able to have unprotected sex. We need to come together and educate ourselves as well as fight against this plight to help maintain the health of our mothers, sisters, daughters, but more importantly, also known as, our neighbors, our friends, and our fellow citizens in the community.

Robin Rangel

San Marcos

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