Do you think SMCISD should consider buying the old Lamar campus?

At SMCISD's December school board meeting, several members of the public asked the trustees to put an item on a future agenda to consider purchasing the old Lamar campus, formerly San Marcos High School, from Guadalupe RE, the developers who bought the property in 2014. The real estate company had initially planned to put a boutique hotel and other properties on the lot. However, the current plans for the mixed-use development do not include a hotel; rather, for-sale condominiums.

Since the school district sold the property, the main school building on the property has aged to the point where it could be considered historic, and researchers have found that the old San Marcos High School was likely one of the first, if not the first, high school in the state of Texas to integrate. 

Thus, a local debate has erupted between residents who would like to see the school preserved for its historic value and those who would like to see the property put to better economic and commercial use

No, purchasing the campus is not a good use of the district's resources.
56% (50 votes)
Yes, the SMCISD can preserve the history of the building and use it for a community space.
44% (39 votes)
Total votes: 89


Yes, preserve!


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