Exploring Nature: King Penguins

King penguins are master divers and weigh in at a hefty 24 to 35 pounds. FREE USE PHOTO

As a person who enjoys an occasional beer as well as margaritas, rum and straight bourbon, I have found a birding tour that is ideal for me.

It is a National Geographic tour to South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, set for March 6-24 of this year. This period would include my birthday and give me a chance to celebrate by seeing lots of fur seals, plus tons of black-browed albatrosses.

A major highlight will be walking among tens of thousands of stately king penguins on a remote beach in South Georgia. I have never seen this bird, which is second only to the emperor penguin in size and weighs a hefty 24 to 35 pounds.

King penguins swim effortlessly underwater and dive to more than 300 feet down to catch small fish. They are flightless and waddle around on land.

People who make this trip will hike through beautiful landscapes and cruise into remote bays, seeing pristine beaches, waving tussock grass and huge icebergs. They will travel about by both kayaks and zodiac boats, seeing wildlife up close and personal.

And the special offer that makes the trip unique is found in the small print describing it: “We will also cover your bar tab and tips for the crew on all departures.”

Wow. Free booze and penguins, too. That’s a hard combination to beat. For information, call 1-888-966-8687 or visit natgoexpeditions.com/espeditioncruises.

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