The Journey Continues: Mayor John Thomaides

Mayor John Thomaides

My journey this week took me to City Hall to visit the mayor, John Thomaides.

“From the beginning I have had an interpersonal relationship with nature,” Thomaides shared. “As a child growing up in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, I had a tremendous sense of connection to the earth and the beauty of the natural world. It is something that comes into my mind every day. From scripture, Genesis 1:20, speaks to my heart: ‘And God said, let the water teem with living creatures and let birds fly above the earth, across the vault of the sky.’

“Fate brought me to San Marcos in January 1993. I swam in the San Marcos River and quickly fell in love with the city. I immediately moved here and established a water treatment business, Alpha Pure Water; now in its 25 year of service. I am its owner and manager.”

Assimilating into the community, Thomaides was first elected to the city council in 2003, when he served five terms with a single year-long break. In 2010, he ran for mayor and lost the election to Daniel Guerrero by 42 votes. Interestingly, in 2016, when elected mayor, he won by 42 votes. His election was a textbook example of a shoe leather campaign, expressed by many phone calls and door-to-door contacts, personally asking people for their vote.

The explosive growth of San Marcos continues under his leadership.

Highlights of his first year in office:

  1. The recruitment and hiring of a new seasoned and experienced city manager, Bert Lumbreras.
  2. Passed both a Public Safety and Library bond election funding over $30 million in additional infrastructure investment.
  3. Attended U.S. Conference of Mayors events promoting our city while signing on to national and international efforts to protect against climate change and speak out against hate and hate speech.
  4. Overseeing the expenditure of some $34 million in federal funds for flood recovery. Worked toward a consensus for funding an increase of $ 33 million to $66 million from the former “Drainage Fund,” which has been renamed “Storm water Management Enterprise Fund” to move forward currently planned project to make San Marcos more resilient and defend our city against the potential damage of future flood events.
  5. Updating the city’s land development code with Code SMTX, the vehicle used to plan and manage growth in San Marcos. An exceeding amount of effort has gone into this endeavor. I was impressed by Mayor Thomaides’ knowledge of the premise and the details of the proposed code.
  6. Adding some 350 acres of additional open space and parkland to our community – increasing our ability to ring the city with environmentally-protected greenbelts without adding any debt or increasing taxes.
  7. Working for continued economic prosperity by promoting economic growth in our community that provides jobs “above a living-wage with benefits.” This includes the addition of some 1,700 jobs in our city in the last 12 months brought about because of “Coast Flight” and “Urban-mining”

Thomaides has a small business to run and, as you can see, he is a committed and busy guy in his second job as being our Mayor. I believe he is committed to preserving the historic uniqueness of San Marcos and preserving the beautiful environment we live in while dealing with the growth that Central Texas and our city inevitably face.

I am praying for our city, county, state and nation. I believe John Thomaides is practicing what is said in Ephesians 6:7, “Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men, because you know that the Lord will reward everyone for whatever good he does, whether he is slave or free.”

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