Do you think that Clegg should be impeached for his actions?

Emotions ran high last Monday night when a throng of students called for Texas State Student Body President Connor Clegg’s impeachment at a Student Government public forum. A crowd of protesters marched from the Stallions statue to the forum, where many lined up to voice their opinions on recent controversies involving Clegg and to ask for his resignation or impeachment.

Clegg has faced several accusations of racism and other improper behavior, such as using his position to call for the defunding of the University Star after the student newspaper published a controversial column by student opinion writer Rudy Martinez. And then offensive social media posts from Clegg’s account in 2014 and 2017 – that included several photos of nuns with hashtags including #holybooty #gawwwwd and #idcloisterthat––, and a photo of Clegg with two Asian men with hashtags including #kimjongil #kpop #pearlharborwasbad and #selfiebombrevenge – came to light.

Clegg has since apologized for the posts, telling the University Star that he was just out of high school and that the posts were “stupid high school, locker room talk if even. … I can guarantee that I have grown up since then.”

Yes, his actions show a disregard for the university's diverse student population.
77% (83 votes)
No, his actions are not grounds for impeachment.
14% (15 votes)
No, his actions are deplorable but don't rise to the level of impeachment.
9% (10 votes)
Total votes: 108

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