TxTag perpetrates fraud

Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir,

I wrote the Attorney General of the State of Texas to inform him of the fraud perpetrated against me by TxTag. They claimed that on November 11, 2017, that I was on the Grand Parkway in Houston at 1:21 p.m.

I was in my apartment in an Independent Senior Facility in San Marcos, Texas. I am 70 years old. I have no children or grandchildren who would be using my car. It was in front of my apartment all day long. The last time I was in Houston was 2003.

The Attorney General could do nothing for me. So why do we pay him a salary? I want to ask every person who has ever had a fraudulent charge show up from TxTag to report this situation to the Attorney General’s Office. He needs to do something about this situation that is rampant in Texas.

Many people are complaining. They need to take time to write him a letter. His address is P.O. Box 12548, Austin, Texas, 78711-2548.

Thank you,

Barbara Hambright

San Marcos Daily Record

(512) 392-2458
P.O. Box 1109, San Marcos, TX 78666