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The national debt matters.

To the Editor,

The national debt matters.

When anyone or any entity borrows money, the borrower pays interest to the lender. The more money which is borrowed, the more interest is owed. The longer the money is owed, the more interest is paid.

Every dollar paid in interest is a dollar which cannot be spent on other things like infrastructure, education, national defense, healthcare, etc.

Our national debt is owed to investors, all of whom are not our friends. Even drug cartels may hold U.S. Bonds under cover of fictitious identities.

Borrowing money is often useful and necessary to finance construction, buy needed capital equipment, etc. This borrowing helps us grow our economy, provide opportunity and even help recover form an unavoidable disaster.

Borrowing money to pay for normal living expenses when there is no realistic plan or expectation of paying it back is a formula for economic disaster. At some point the interest payments will consume all of our income and the lenders will hold the country hostage. Our prospects for the future will diminish or disappear.

The Republican Party has historically been the voice of reason and caution regarding fiscal responsibility and accountability. The recent agreement to raise the debt ceiling is a sign that we as a nation are headed in the wrong direction.

I urge voters to keep this issue in mind when visiting the polls this year.

Just sayin’

Gordon L. Sabin San Marcos


Where’s the money to arm teachers?


I am astonished by our legislators saying that the way to stop school shootings is to arm the teachers. Think about that for a minute.... Do you want teachers to be prepared for armed combat with their students? What kind of learning environment is that promoting? How will they secure their guns from the students? Where is the money going to come from for the guns and weapons training when they can’t even provide pencils and books?

They seem to be trying to downplay the ease of obtaining an AR 15. AR stands for ASSAULT RIFLE. Why are we allowing a 19-year-old to buy one? Demand that our legislators TAKE ACTION. Saying our thoughts and prayers are with you is a ridiculous response from the people that make laws. I don’t know what the answer is, but if our legislators won’t do anything but offer idiotic responses like have more guns in school, we need to get them out of office.

 Cheers, Monica Harmon San Marcos

NRA should pay to train teachers


In light of the recent shooting in the Florida high school, what is the answer to these frequent school shootings?

Some would say the answer is to ban all the guns in America. That won’t work. At the beginning of the 20th century people were very aware of the evils caused by alcohol abuse. So what was the answer? Prohibition. But it didn’t work. Prohibition created more problems than it solved. So it would be with prohibition of guns.

Neither are we likely to deal effectively with mental illness and emotionally disturbed children with the present crisis of dysfunctional, broken homes in America.

The best answer is to arm the teachers and school administrators. If a murderer didn’t know if the classroom he is about to enter to shoot students might have an armed adult waiting for him it would be a deterrent.

We applauded the brave coach who gave his life in the Florida school to protect students. He is certainly a hero. But how much better had he been armed and taken out the killer.

I propose that the NRA offer to pay for Conceal Carry Classes for any school teacher in America. Maybe even help those who can’t afford a handgun to be able financially to purchase one. Of course, not all teachers would. But many, knowing the present dangers, would avail themselves of the opportunity. The offer would also stand good to improve the public image of the NRA.

While at the coast this past weekend I learned that a gun store and shooting range named Sharp Shooters in Corpus Christi offered free CCL Class to any school teacher after the recent shooting. Two classes immediately filled.

Let’s arm our teachers and be prepared for any murderers that want to enter our schools.

Jim Darnell Martindale

Hold your nose and just go vote


Elections emit foul odors.

It’s just the nature of what they are and always have been. I’m an Independent voter and the core of that decision is based on the known unpleasant aromas of the “Donkeys & Elephants.” Over my many years as a proud American I’ve learned it is extremely important to vote and I strongly encourage you do do so. Be diligent, study the candidates, ignore the push of the coached “Party Anointed” and all their shallow promises. Hold your nose & boldly cast your ballot for the person YOU believe “might” actually do the job. No guarantee they won’t smell the place up but that’s our risk factor as voters. The process will roll around again and sadly those bad aromas will once again be prevalent. The fresh air good news is the great “opportunity” we voters have in elections to send the misguided rascallions packing (and you know who they are). So, pinch your nostrils folks and don’t miss your 2018 opportunity. Go Vote.

Alan Cameron San Marcos

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