Do you think the Guadalupe County Commissioners Court should have allowed the permit for the 2018 Float Fest?

Guadalupe County Commissioners Court on Tuesday denied a permit for the 2018 Float Fest tubing and music festival.

The vote was 3-2 to deny the permit, which had asked for 30,000 attendees per day for the three-day festival that was to have been held in July at Cool River Ranch in Guadalupe County along the San Marcos River. 

The requested daily attendance was twice that of last year, when the festival experienced problems including traffic control, intoxicated people walking along the road, noise issues for residents, advertised drug sales and a lack of adequate law enforcement.

Martin Ritchie, Emergency Management Coordinator for Caldwell County, also reminded commissioners that in July, a grass pasture is essentially fuel for fire. In addition to tubing and music, the festival has a camping component, which raises the risk. 

Float Fest Promoter Marcus Federman said he had a signed agreement allowing him to put in a roadway along an easement on adjacent property for $150,000, to facilitate getting more first responders to the scene in the event of an incident or to allow the festival grounds to be evacuated.

No, the risks that come with 30,000 attendees per day is too significant.
74% (129 votes)
Yes, the organizers have invested time and resources to address all the issues.
26% (46 votes)
Total votes: 175


Float Fest has been responsible in the past and is one of the best music festivals in central Texas. Don’t punish them because one person drank and drive and wrecked after being on the same river. Wasn’t even during float Fest.. if this was on a part of the river further from the wreck this wouldn’t be an issue..

Besides safety, this event fosters abuse of our waterways. I was appalled at how many cans and garbage was in the river when we floated last summer.

Keep float fest

Thank you, finally a win for protecting this river! This year's FF would have been WAY too many more folks permitted to go than previous years. This river and it's surrounding land are too precious and fragile to allow this many party-people at once. If this fest was smaller, more focused on CLEANING UP THE RIVER, and fixed alot of other reasons why they were denied, it might be ok. But 30,000 people? Many of them trashing the river, major sound pollution, using the river as a bathroom, etc etc.... no way!

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