The Journey Continues: Susan Marks

Reviewing my journey over the past few years, I came across the following example of spiritual righteousness that I believe is important to share. Delores Crittendon was at that time the director of the local Salvation Army and a good friend. She called asking for assistance – there was a requested furniture donation pick-up in Kyle. Zeke Palacios and I were to meet Susan Marks at her mother’s home and remove everything remaining in the house.

Marks met us at the door and explained, “When my mother got sick I came to Texas to care for her; and after she died I had an estate sale. Unable to sell everything I called the Salvation Army to donate all items left in the house.”

As we started the loading, Marks pointed to a bed covering and mused, “When mother was dying, an old friend was constantly with us until Mom’s time of death; she attended the funeral. When the time came, she promised me that she would take me to the airport. This morning, when my friend arrived, she pointed to the bed covering and said, ‘I want to take this to another friend.’”

I said, “No, I promised everything in the house as a donation to the Salvation Army. I cannot ‘top it off’ for you.” The friend’s response was: “Well, I am busy, I can’t take you to the airport tomorrow!”

After all was packed, Zeke and I gave Marks a ride to the hotel La Quinta nearest the Austin airport for an overnight stay before her morning flight to California.

To me, Marks displayed a remarkably high code of ethics and standard of conduct. Not only did she know the right thing to do, she exercised it under the pressure or obligation of friendship. In Matthew 5:6 Jesus spoke these words, “blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”

There is a quiet satisfaction in doing righteous things. No one around may notice or understand our choice, but God knows and he blesses with a inner peace.

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