Response to letter: Weapons are not the issue

Letter to the Editor


(My letter below is in response to a Letter to the Editor published on March 4, titled, “AR-15 designed for ‘maximum wound effect.’”)

People kill people is a valid statement. There are all types of potential weapons, that include:  tools, guns, knives, scissors, axes, baseball bats, rocks, poison, hammer, etc.

None of these potential weapons being standalone have killed a person or can kill a person.  Any object could be classified as an assault weapon.

The term assault rifle is used to differentiate between an automatic rifle (aka machine gun) and semi-automatic rifle.

Yes, the AR-15 and equivalent semiautomatic rifles are extremely dangerous, especially if they fall into the hands of a disturbed individual.

To set the record straight, the AR-15 is not an assault rifle. It is a look-a-like of the military assault rifle with a lesser rate of fire function, but uses a high velocity round (bullet) similar to other rifles.

 All the mass shootings mentioned in the referenced Letter to the Editor were due to mental illness of the shooter (exception may be Stephen Paddock, whereas the jury is still out whether his brain tumor contributed to his mental illness).

If you’ll really step back and think about it, the “root cause” of the shootings were due to mental illness not the AR-15 or any other weapon.

If there would have been proper metal (sic) evaluation/vetting, the ball not being dropped by many people, organizations and agencies there would have been “zero” deaths in the examples cited.

 The comparison of Australia with the U.S. mass shootings is not close to being fair. The population of the U.S. is almost 14 times the population of Australia (Texas has more people than Australia).

Also, different demographics, population density, etc.  Some data on the myth can be found here:  https://

From 1982-2017 regarding mass shootings in the U.S., semi-automatic pistols were used by 2:1 over rifles. Should pistols be banned too?

 In my opinion...two things need to be done now: 1) Individual States/ school districts should determine how they want to keep schools safe.

It will vary per State. Doesn’t matter how it is done, as long as it works. 2) Require mental evaluations and proper vetting for anyone wanting to purchase a firearm. Those two suggestions can be worked-out simultaneously.

I also served four years in the U.S. Marine Corps and have and understanding of military weapons as does the author of the mentioned Letter to the Editor. Weapons are not the issue!

Thank you,

Steve Koenig

San Marcos

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