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Blackburn is a gem

Letter to the Editor
Sunday, August 5, 2018

Dear Editor,

I am a regular reader of the Daily Record. Like many people, I get a lot of information online. And yes, I get the online version of the Daily Record in my email, which is very useful for cutting and pasting and sending stories to friends and family. Regardless of that, my favorite way to keep up with local news is to have a paper that I can read without having to scroll and click. It is a relaxing way to start my day, especially since so much of my daily work is done on a computer. I usually don’t notice the by-line when I first start reading an article. I just want to get to the information.  On Wednesday, I was reading a story and I was impressed at how the story was answering all the questions that came to me while I was reading it. A thought came to my mind: “I bet this was written by Robin Blackburn.” I went back to the front page, where the story began, and sure enough there was her name. This probably sounds made up but the truth is I have taken note of her pattern of excellent (and prolific) reporting work in the Daily Record and I just wanted to commend Ms. Blackburn for her fine work. You’re lucky to have her on your team.

Stewart Dale Spencer