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More defense of the NRA

Letter to the Editor
Sunday, August 5, 2018


This is in response to a reader’s comments and his questions in a previous Sunday paper about the NRA.

The primary role of the NRA has been and continues to be the sponsorship of various firearms competitive events and training and sponsoring both older individuals and younger participants in those events. It also has a large role in the protection of the second amendment through judicial watch activities. As I stated in my original article, I have been a member of the NRA for over 40 years and I have been an active monitor and observer of the conduct of the NRA.

They have NEVER been behind any rumors and alternate facts regarding firearms possession.

The comments your writer made about Obama are specious, as American citizens only had to listen and watch Obama and his administration during his tenure to determine their own opinions of his intents, NOT the NRA’s opinion.

The lack of riot and crime control and punishments by Obama and Holder as well as the lax border enforcement by the Obama administration caused great concern among many people. Neither I, in my comments nor the NRA suggested people should buy more guns and therefore carry more guns. That was a decision based on reality by the general population, AND NO, the NRA has no financial interest in the sale of firearms .. the NRA certainly supports the right of citizens to protect themselves and their families.  

 The writers statement that “there is less crime along Mexican and Central American “Immigrants than among the general population” is ludicrous.

The Texas attorney general Ken Paxton stated about two weeks ago that since the DPS started keeping records of illegals and their crimes in 2011, there have been 1,200 homicides committed by these “immigrants” and 269000 other crimes of various nature. And since this is just in Texas, multiply that. How about remembering the MS13 and other illegals gangs that have committed terrible crimes and contributed to the huge import of illegal drugs in this country? How many NRA members have you seen on the news that have committed crimes — None. And,why does the membership continue to grow in the NRA. Let us use logic and reality and not liberal uninformed emotions to address the real problem. How about blaming the lack of an effective immigration policy that has caused this, and no, it is not Trump’s fault that we do not have an effective immigration and border law.

His final question: How many deaths is one entitled to in order to enjoy rapidly firing bullets from an an assault weapon? The answer is obvious-none. However, again think of each case and remember the mental illness of each perpetrator, not the particular weapon used in their deranged activity.

Deflecting blame comment by the writer? No, the NRA did not encourage and support Obamacare or any of Obama’s socialists programs.

They do not get involved in political situations such as that.

Leighton Stallones

San Marcos

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