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Debating facts on Lindsey Hill project

Letter to the Editor
Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Response to Mr. Agnew:

Mr. Agnew, thank you for noting the factual portion of my letter was taken “verbatim” from promotional material supplied by the developers. It is no “amazing coincidence” at all for it is exactly what I intended to do. I did it willfully, gladly and would do it again. I apologize to any who felt I misled them but know the facts contained in that letter remain valid. Now that is where the facts in Mr. Agnew’s letter cease to exist.

1.  Neither Mr. Lerman or Mr. Berins recruited me nor indoctrinated me to write or speak on their behalf. As stated above that was written by me of my own free will. Neither developer knew about it until they saw it.

2.  Mr. Agnew is not my neighbor by any means. We live in two different distinct and separate historical neighborhoods. I would add that several of Mr. Agnew’s actual neighbors are in support of the project too.

3.  My actual neighbors who live across the street from the proposed development are very much in favor of the development proceeding.

4.  Mr. Agnew’s instructions to the decision makers with regard to this matter are patently false. The support is not “apparent” but rather very real and it is given by real people who have studied the issue and made up their own minds. It is not true the support is either “orchestrated or in any case manufactured.” Those who support it want it for they believe it will enhance their neighborhood, way of life, homes and eventually our city.

Mr. Agnew, in the future I will cite sources of any factual data I use so you won’t have to spend any time searching for it.  

Thank you,

Don Neese

416 Blanco St.

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