Big thank you to Berry Aviation for helping pets

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I would like to send love, hugs, and a big THANK YOU to Berry Aviation, Inc. (BAI) and also to Wings of Rescue for helping save a great number of cats and dogs by flying them to no-kill shelters in various states in America.  They will be adopted and finally find their forever family.  Pets make people better humans.  The article written by Laura Aebi in the Sunday edition of the San Marcos Daily Record was very well written and informed many people of this wonderful ‘self-described donation-based charity’.  I did not know this charity existed, and am so glad it does.  God bless Berry Aviation, Inc. and Wings of Rescue for the compassionate work they do.  Thank you and God bless all who are involved with this charity.  We must speak for those who cannot.  By the way - thanks to Laura Aebi for a job well done.



Ann Blackburn

San Marcos

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