The Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus

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Although the federal government is not taking action on climate change, there are many elected representatives who recognize the importance of this issue, its possible economic impacts and costs, as well as the health costs that accompany it.

I’m referring to the Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus, which was begun in 2016 by Florida Representative, Carlos Curbelo. His idea was simple: climate change is not a partisan issue, it is a human issue. Therefore, he reached across the aisle to invite Rep. Ted Deutch to join him in this Caucus and begin work to identify and advance solutions. Thus, from the very beginning of this Caucus, members from both sides of the aisle have been working together, in recognition of the seriousness of the issue for all people of all political stripes.

It is unlikely that President Trump’s state of the union speech set for January 30th, will address the issue of climate change. Meanwhile, the Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus continues to meet to discuss solutions and options with a view towards informing policy.

And just who are the members of this Caucus? Currently, there are 66 members. To see the list of officials in the caucus, go to:

The Caucus is growing quickly as more and more elected representatives realize how serious the issue is and will continue to be in the years ahead.

Here in San Marcos, there is a local chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) working to build the political will for a livable world. Our position is that politicians respond to what their constituents want. So, it is up to us as constituents to make sure that our elected representatives hear that we want concrete action that addresses climate change. One of the ways we do that is by meeting with government representatives to talk about climate solutions that are workable. We know that by putting a price on carbon and returning the dividends back to American households, we can all benefit from a fair and market-friendly approach to the problem of climate change. This approach will stabilize the climate and boost our economy; as verified by a number of economists.

If you are interested in learning more, check out the San Marcos CCL Facebook page.

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