Can you say ‘fascist?’

Presidential problems

I’ve been watching how Don the Con works. Today I’m sharing a few impressions.

 His hostile lying style involves accusing others of doing the very crooked things he—himself—is doing. In this way he distracts listeners from his own lies and crimes, and he misdirects their hatred and fears onto anyone who does not agree with him. 

 He picks “an enemy” and beats them down into the ground, hoping to “win” over them—from “Little Marco” to “Crooked Hillary” to the ACA and today’s “evil, lying media” and fake news.  For some people, it works. For the rest of us who see though the lies, it does not. We must help others to see how destructive this one-man-tornado is to our nation, our democracy, and anyone and anything he doesn’t like.

 He lies with ease as do his lieutenants. Their excuse according to one spokeswoman is that they used “alternative facts.” Say what? Most people who have seen contradictory lies this past year know that’s a nice way of saying “lying to get what he/they want.”

 Once in office, he installed ultra-wealthy enemies-of-the-people who hate and want to destroy the very departments they were appointed to run. From the private school voucher advocate he appointed to run our Department of (Public) Education to the Environmental Protection Agency’s director who hates the EPA and its protective regulations, these billionaires are now in a position to destroy our good agencies from within. And as they are so wealthy they would not have to worry about making enough money to live on after their “service.”

 From the beginning the president began trying to negate the media with ridicule and lies. If he cannot control them or take over the media, he will work to destroy it any way he can.  PBS’s Mark Shields points out that it is the job of the free press to hold the lamp up…to hold people/groups/organizations accountable for what they do. 

 Adviser Steve Bannon is alleged to have said, “We have to defeat the press.” From the beginning, Press Secretary Sean Spicer has ignored mainstream media reporters and selected right wing media outlets’ reporters to ask questions.  This week he banned three key media outlets from his Presidential Press Conference. PBS reporter Mark Shields says that denying access as Spicer did today (2-24-17) is the first step toward dictatorship. 

 When the New York Times, and the LA Times were banned, other key media outlets –Associated Press and Time--boycotted the press conference in protest. This is good and would cause a thoughtful, decent person to rethink his actions. But we are not dealing with an ethical, honest person here. This may be the very action this manipulator wanted!

 Who will suffer because of this? All of the U.S. citizens who get only news that the new Dictator-President will allow. Can you say “fascist?”

 It appears “the White House” asked the FBI to drop the investigation of the president’s illegal talks with Russian officials during the election and since ( ).  

 This must NOT happen. We need to know exactly what has happened in this new government so The People can decide how to deal with it.



Dr. Jackie De Hon is a retired college instructor and federal program administrator.  She advocates for true-democracy in which public officials carry out the wishes of the people and for equality for all.

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