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Concert marred by cars being towed

Letter to the Editor


For several years, my husband and I have enjoyed Summer in the Park.  It’s a wonderful, two hour, quality music event in a family friendly environment. We come, have dinner in a local establishment and enjoy the evening. I’m sure many volunteer hours go into planning and implementation. Kudos to all who support the series!

Unfortunately, the show on June 14 (Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros) was marred by some known curmudgeon who didn’t like people parking on his property. Within one hour, cars were being towed without warning. Fortunately, we were able give long standing, stalwart citizens of San Marcos a ride to get their car back —  at the cost of $118.00. I don’t know this man but it was a poor show of common community citizenship.

Thank you to all who allow parking in their lots after business hours.  We will remember the courtesy and thank all involved in this wonderful series.



Tina McCoy

New Braunfels, TX

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