Dislocated survivors of Harvey need our help

Letter to the Editor


Hurricane Harvey seems to be the gift that just keeps on giving.

A triple whammy is in progress for the people hardest hit. First came the storm and the evacuation and the varying horrors of life in shelters. If they were lucky and had the “right” FEMA credentials, maybe they were in city hotel rooms for a week or two, along with all their worldly possessions.

Round Two: there is nothing to return to because not only are houses destroyed or months away from being repaired, but jobs in places like Rockport, Pt. Aransas, and Vidor don’t exist any longer. So, now what? Relocating is the only choice, but HOW? These are “perfectly normal” hardworking people, but if they lived paycheck to paycheck before, a month in shelters and hotel rooms with no new income… has destroyed resources.

When Austin Disaster Relief workers called our Crystal River Inn last week, it was to accept 5 families who were truly headed for the streets! We took them in and it would break your heart. One family with 4 tiny children had had nothing to eat for 2 days except a bag of dry cereal. One couple — he an IT expert, she an interior designer/ sales and marketing person—slept on chaise lounges by a swimming pool before they called ADRN, and arrived here with half a tank of gas and $7 to their names. And the list goes on.

We need help, ya’ll! Does anyone have apartments that could take people without a deposit? Can anyone bring dinner for a night? (Blessings to Gil’s Fried Chicken and Palmer’s and Heritage Association friends who have already done that, but could anyone else chime in?) Four of the adults have already found jobs here YAAYYYYY but there are 6 more adults still looking! Anybody hiring welders, construction workers, receptionists, landscape guys, callcenter workers, or folks with great design experience? Could anybody provide child care for 4 little bitties, for at least 2-3 days a week? Could a church adopt a family maybe?

It’s the living spaces, the dinner for any night over the next two weeks, job interviews, and even cash donations that we urgently need for them. Don’t need clothes, and until we find them housing, can’t take furniture but be thinking about what you might could spare.

They are all starting to sleep through the night now, so safety and San Marcos are working their magic. But now comes Round Three: reconstruction. And that takes resources which in my humble opinion are best handled in the private sector because to depend on an overwhelmed bureaucracy to do it all…is slow if not fruitless.

These people are temporarily hungry, we just need to get them over the hump because they are energetic and raring to go If you have ideas or contributions, call us 24/7: 512-396-3739. There but for the grace of God could be any one of us.


Cathy and Mike Dillon San Marcos

San Marcos Daily Record

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