Disturbed by events at Texas State, and Trauth


I am a former Texas resident with many ties to the state. When I lived there, I found Texans to be very friendly, open and not bigoted.

And, that is one reason why I am disturbed by what happened at Texas State (and elsewhere)... and President Denise Trauth’s refusal to  take actions to prevent this happening again.

My father’s grandparents were all killed in the Holocaust.

In college, I wrote a paper about Germany and the rise of Hitler. I got a “D.” I have had over 100 opeds published, but it was the best thing that I have ever written.

My professor was a German national. Sometimes, the truth is hard to face. Germany was a democracy before Hitler. But, many of its citizens were hurting economically and saw no light at the end of the tunnel. Along came a charismatic leader.

Large crowds would call his name and carry signs. His claim to fame was the “great lie”…if you tell an outrageous lie often enough, it will be believed. Minorities were targeted. Protesters were beaten and humiliated. The free press was denigrated as being biased, controlled by the elites. No one really thought he would win the election, especially his opponents who thought he was a buffoon. Many people did not even bother to vote. He did not win the majority of votes. Regardless, he ruled as though he had a mandate. He refused any thought of compromise and squashed those opposing him. I knew there was a reason that I took those history courses.

Jack Bernard 

Peachtree City, Georgia

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