Do Republican promises have any meaning at all?

Letter to the Editor


Do standard Republican promises have any meaning?

I’m sure that you, like me, have begun to receive mailings from candidates for county commissioner. Republican, so for. There seem to be some common themes of all of them “Balance the budget,” “lower property tax rate” (but not necessarily the amount if the property value rises), “cut rampant spending” etc.

Does that mean that the current county administration had no concern about the amount of property taxes, had a budget full of unnecessary spending that could be cut. That they had no conservative values?

I think that our county has had excellent conservative leadership under the guidance of County Judge Bert Cobb. They have been practicing fiscal restraint. These campaign slogans implying excessive, unnecessary spending are an insult to their work.

Likewise, these “slogans” are an insult to us the voters implying that we will believe and be swayed by any good sounding phrase and are not aware of the actions and careful decisions of our County commissioners.

Just interesting thoughts.

Ray Jacobson San Marcos

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