Don’t jump the gun on Code SMTX

Letter to the Editor


The recommendation put forth by Don Moore (“Our Viewpoint”) in the January 28, 2018 Daily Record is irresponsibly simplistic. Everyone involved in Code SMTX would like to see an appropriate version pass City Council as soon as possible, but passing something quickly with controversial aspects which scare the living daylights out of some of San Marcos’ oldest neighborhoods is not the answer. As has been reported thoroughly by the Daily Record, the immediate implementation of the “Neighborhood Districts” feature of the proposed code, with its avowed purpose of putting “creative multifamily housing in established neighborhoods” (almost an oxymoron, it seems) is opposed by many thoughtful, involved citizens, at least as many as the 22 signatories (a miniscule sample of the city’s population)  to the letter to the editor which seems to be the sole basis of Mr. Moore’s opinion.

I am far from a physician, but I know that “First, do no harm” is an important guiding philosophy of that profession. This is good advice in almost any circumstance. City Council should heed this credo, and the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission, and pass Code SMTX promptly without the Neighborhood Districts feature. Until it can either be ascertained that Neighborhood Districts will do no harm to our existing neighborhoods or procedures can be developed to mitigate any potential harm, implementation of this feature should not occur.

 William Agnew San Marcos

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