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Evil machine is never satisfied

Letter to the Editor
Sunday, March 17, 2019


I’m still knocking on your door attempting to edge in and warn, I know my moralizing topics don’t resonate well with people who like swimming in the same stale muck and sewer of status quo and politics as usual among good ole boys who own the game pieces to the store; money after all trumps even Civil Rights, Bill of Rights and President George W. Bush and President Obama have tried to eliminate the U.S. Constitution too. Why? Because… money buys power; thrones; elections; and a whole lot more. Was it a lie when I said years ago that Wall Street was hedging its bets on a broomstick? Why is our economy booming all along Interstate 35 across country and other U.S. states barely viable? What will the people gain in the long run after we feed Moloch all natural resources and us too? This wicked lifestyle isn’t sustainable anymore, moreover, the evil machine is never satisfied with a little bit of blood to lubricate its gears, it wants more.

Oh, I had a dream a few months ago and I heard a White man’s voice say only these words, “The Georgian House and The Gordian Knot.” Well, you guys know that I love German people and I love ancient history. Therefore, when I speak I’m not blowing bubbles out of my rear end. The Roman Empire is rising before our eyes, but, not even the German’s will be able to cut The Gordian Knot in Israel. Only God of Israel will resolve that impossible situation. However, just like it turned out for Alexander the Great, so it will turn out for Israel’s enemies; and for Roman Beast and its Machine! Thank you.


Ruben N. Gutierrez

San Marcos Record

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