A fair and objective press

Letter to the editor


Mr. Hankins recent column misrepresents the point of my speech on media bias. In context, one quickly sees that I merely implied that President Trump is a better source of information than the media because they are so biased. Contrary to the evaluation of Mr. Hankins, I do not believe “the government” should be the only source for information. And the American people agree with me. A recent poll conducted by Emerson College found that 49 percent of Americans consider the Administration to be truthful and only 39 percent felt the news media is honest. I realize Mr. Hankins may not be in the 49 percent.

In addition to sharing a first name, I think Mr. Hankins would agree with me that an unbiased media is essential to the functioning of a democracy. If the American people can’t get the facts, they can’t make their own informed decisions. And if they can’t make their own informed decisions, our democracy becomes threatened. I believe in freedom of the press and I also believe the press should be fair and objective. 

I believe the editors at the San Marcos Record would agree with me that the media must be objective, a standard I know they embrace. It is precisely because of the media’s essential role in our democracy that the media has a heightened responsibility to provide the American people with the facts instead of telling them what to think. 

Congressman Lamar Smith 



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