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Features editor says farewell to Daily Record

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Three years and 11 months — somehow my time at the San Marcos Daily Record passed by both in the blink of an eye and over what felt like an immeasurable span of time.

I started as an intern for the Daily Record in 2016, before moving to staff reporter and then the features editor and digital director. I wasn’t a BISM — born in San Marcos — or even a RISM — raised in San Marcos — but this city accepted me anyway.

The most that one can hope for in life is to do good and to do it with good people, and though I feel the Daily Record is doing just that, I also feel it is time for me to meet new challenges. And for me, that will be as the new communications manager for the City of Kyle.

Although I look forward to the new challenges ahead, it is not without a heavy heart that I leave the Daily Record. This job has changed me for the better. I have learned so much from the people of this town. I learned from my late friend and columnist Bibb Underwood how to live life fiercely and fearlessly — and to write the same way. I learned from Dr. Elvin Holt of the Calaboose African-American History Museum that the history of a place is never complete until we’ve looked at all sides. I’ve learned from all the wonderful people that serve Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos how important it is to honor and preserve heritage for the future generations. I have learned from the troop of librarians that serve our public library that a community is an endless source of strength in good times and bad times. And I’ve learned so many other lessons from the countless residents that have let me tell their stories — and for that I am grateful.

I’ve been blessed to have been told and, in turn, to tell the stories of this community. The stories of your history, of your cultures and heritages, of your celebrations and your griefs, of your lives and losses.

As I end my time with the Daily Record, I want to urge the community to support this news organization and the people within it that work to cover, with diligence and often little thanks, the stories and happenings of San Marcos — from covering breaking news, emergency situations and the decisions of local leaders to highlighting local businesses, artists and organizations that make the city a better place. So please subscribe, send letters to the editor, purchase an ad for your business, grandmother’s birthday or parents’ anniversary, send a thank-you note, or simply buy a copy at a gas station.

San Marcos it has been an honor to tell your stories. Thank you.

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