Gumby’s has the chance to be a wonderful company

Letter to the Editor


Gumby’s has promoted itself as a wonderful company throughout the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council meetings dealing with its application for a Conditional Use Permit to serve alcohol at 312 West Hopkins St. 

Now that that process has concluded and the CUP has been denied, Gumby’s has an opportunity to prove its wonderfulness. Under these circumstances a wonderful company would recognize that the permanent residents of San Marcos, who have much more of a stake in the future of the 300 block of West Hopkins than do the students Gumby’s trots out at P&Z  and City Council meetings, are overwhelmingly opposed for principled reasons to the presence of an alcohol serving establishment at that location. 

A wonderful company would find another location where it can pursue its business objectives without inflicting harm on long established businesses and vulnerable people. An arrogant and greedy company would try to relentlessly scheme and muscle its way into doing business at a location where they are not wanted.  

I sincerely believe that Gumby’s long term future in San Marcos will be much brighter if they really are that wonderful company. 


William Agnew

San Marcos

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