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Immigration problems not yet solved

Letter to the Editor


Having breathed a sigh of relief that the brutal practice of separating children from their parents was stopped, a second look at the problems still inherent in the administration’s immigration policies indicates that the work on behalf of families on the border is not over.

There is no provision to reunite parents and children already separated.

By previous law, (Flores vs Reno) children cannot be held longer than 20 days. The administration is seeking a change that could detain families indefinitely. Realistically, considering the enormous numbers, this is not a tenable solution.

Since Texas is on the border, many detention facilities are and will be located in Texas. It may seem small in comparison to the toxic stress experienced by refugees running for their lives, but those who have to implement inhumane policies are negatively impacted, as well.

More humane policies could be implemented even before comprehensive immigration policies are achieved:

  • Rather than building detention centers, utilize alternatives to detention that have been proven to be successful, such as ankle monitors and regular check-ins.
  • End the detention of asylum seekers; direct more resources to the ports of entry so asylum seekers will not be turned away.
  • As United States citizens, insist that our legislators recognize the worth of all individuals and honor our American values of justice and compassion as they navigate a very complicated life and death matter.

Betsy Singleton

San Marcos

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