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Intersection doesn’t serve the community

Letter to the Editor
Sunday, March 17, 2019


I write about the intersection of Craddock and Wonder World Drive Extension.

If on Craddock facing west, there are 3 lanes: left, straight, and right. From my experience, most traffic turns left. At very busy times, the line to turn left has been so long, that I’ve waited through an entire light before arriving at the intersection. In a 10-minute window today beginning at 12 noon, 64 cars turned left (toward Hunter Road, I-35, and CTMC), none went straight, and a few turned right toward Wimberley.

I cite my informal survey because this morning, a painting crew replaced arrows on the center lane to indicate going straight in the middle lane. They repainted nothing else. This lane assignment contradicts usage.

To better serve the community, the middle lane should be combined to go straight or turn left.

Furthermore, the Vista de los Santos subdivision (that one enters when driving straight) has a total of 88 mail boxes, but fewer built homes. Given the current lane assignment, residents at fewer than 88 homes have a dedicated lane to go straight, while those who live east of the intersection and turn left toward town and Interstate 35 currently share one left-turn lane.

I propose that the middle lane be designated for turning left and going straight, so as to better serve the majority of the community who travel through this intersection.

Cynthia I. Gonzales

San Marcos

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