Issues should be weighed on merit

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Issues should be weighed on merit

Dear Editor,

Last Sunday, Mr. William Agnew of Belvin Street, characterized the Place 3 race as being a choice between supporting developers or neighborhoods. In my opinion this extremely over simplified statement is exactly the kind of rhetoric that creates the “us against them mentality” and keeps communities divided. There are absolutely zero credible facts supporting his position. Amy Stanfield is a proven thought leader who has volunteered thousands of hours in service to our community and school district and who holds allegiance to no one except the people of San Marcos. When elected I am confident she will continue to make decisions based on what she believes is in the best interest of San Marcos citizens.

Like the Gumby’s guys, I am a Bobcat who has now lived in San Marcos for the better part of 28 years, the last 15 with my husband raising our three children. In 2003 we purchased and renovated a house in the historic district and made it our home. I sit on the board of several local nonprofits and am involved in many others local organizations. I say this to illustrate my commitment to San Marcos. A commitment shared by Amy Stanfield and one that involves supporting responsible development benefitting the community as a whole not just the preservation of what is comfortable for a few.

While I do not personally know Mr. Agnew I will say his opinion is one I am increasingly frustrated by in this community. A vocal minority who believe that issues are black and white, you’re with us or against us and decisions should be based on who can yell louder. What concerns me is that I consistently see this strategy working from our dais.

For example, the Gumby’s decision. These small business owners had the audacity to want to take an existing building, a stone’s throw away from downtown, surrounded by other businesses, and renovate it for the purpose of relocating their locally owned and operated pizza place. Then they had the nerve to ask for a permit to serve alcohol, like many of the businesses around them. This should have been an easy decision but ended up being an exercise in futility all because local politics were allowed to take front row in the discussion. And it didn’t matter that it made sense or that the next door Sorority President came out in support of the permit request or that the family who owns Gumby’s went through a ridiculous amount of gymnastics, agreeing to multiple requests from council members in a good faith effort to be good neighbors… they ultimately ended up being denied.  

Amy Stanfield is not the kind of person who will shy away from making fair, fact-based decisions because someone may get mad at her. She cares about neighborhoods and quality of life and won’t allow a handful of people who focus solely on their own best interest to determine the direction of our community, regardless of which “side” they are on.

Amy and her husband Steve own a small business in San Marcos, know what it’s like to make a payroll, have employees and stick within a budget. She is conservative and caring and has a big picture perspective. I believe she will weigh all issues on their own merit and make decisions based on each situation at hand, not on who supports the issue.

Sincerely, Laura Dupont

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