It’s the heart, nothing more

And then Billy Graham dies. What in the world does that have to do with anything I’m about to say regarding the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida one week ago TODAY? That was supposed to be a day of “love and kindness” – it was Valentine’s Day, and there was definitely NO HEART in such an evil act of shattering lives and killing 17 people.

I’ve been trying to get my head and heart wrapped around this heinous crime; a bloody shooting spree, which still makes no sense.

And this morning I watched the Fox News telecast as survivors of last week’s heart-wrenching event were transported to the State Capitol in Tallahassee, Florida, to vent their frustration and disgust for their state government’s inability to control guns and murderers. There were also survivors of Columbine, Sandy Hook, and other high school “massacres,” convening at the White House today, as President Trump would host a forum to come up with answers regarding GUNS. This was all happening today and I became overwhelmed with the loud cheering and chanting from local students at the Capitol, exalting the bravery and resolve of Parkland students, traveling seven hours from the south, to let their voices be heard.

And then Billy Graham dies. The telecast broke away abruptly and the scroll across the screen read BILLY GRAHAM DEAD AT 99. Immediately there were clips of Reverend Graham preaching – that recognizable voice I have heard since a little girl in the 50s. It was a repetitious segment of the famous evangelist voicing these words, “There are problems of sin that cannot be solved outside the person of our Lord Jesus Christ.” That same resounding message continued to repeat every five minutes. You couldn’t get away from it. There would be a news anchor or reporter wanting to share his/her story of Billy Graham. And then another message from Dr. Graham, “If you don’t remember a single word I say to you this evening, just know that God loves you.” Between those two profoundly simple thoughts of encouragement spoken to a throng of people 100,000 strong, on video clips from 40 years ago, I found myself awed by the fact that Billy Graham’s life ended today . . . maybe for “such a time as this.”

On the very day young people converge at the Florida Capitol to be heard by the Legislature, and others meet with the President at the White House . . . all seeking an answer to the evil of horrific school shootings, Billy Graham dies. The very man who spent his life preaching the answer to all these concerns was right there on the television in my living room, preaching loud and clear the very answer to all these questions.

Then I began to weep. I’ve been asking the Lord for the past few years why He would allow Billy Graham to linger when his quality of life was completely gone. He had been such a vibrant voice of conviction in earlier years, but the ravages of cancer and Parkinson’s Disease had all but shut him down . . . yet there he was speaking to millions of people once again. Could it be for this very time that God would decide to take his faithful servant home? And then I cried some more . . . the answer was staring us in the face, and it was coming from America’s Pastor.

There was one more video clip from the great orator that summed it up . . . “There are two roads in this life; one is the broad road that leads to destruction, and the second is the road that leads to Heaven. Which one will you take?”

Could it be a heart that needs the Lord? Is this our answer? I believe it is. God bless you Billy Graham . . . what a legacy you’ve left behind. May we heed your words to heal our hearts. Then we will know the truth . . . the whole truth . . . and nothing but the truth . . . so help us God.

Debbie Daniel is a resident of San Marcos

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