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Letter to the Editor

Sunday, November 14, 2021

To the Editor,

There are two pandemics currently existing in the world: COVID-19 and homelessness. With respect to the article, “Belvin Street Home Built by Habitat for Humanity is November Yard of the Month,” I believe that there is little to no detail of what the organization Habitat for Humanity does for the community. I know that if this is defined further, we as citizens can understand how to get involved in our community and gain a greater empathy for those in need.

Millions of people sleep without a home to call their own, and the majority turn a blind eye, forgetting how to treat a fellow human being. Writing an article about this topic is a perfect way to stress the importance of helping out our fellow humans and community, in order to grow and cultivate a natural and beautiful environment.

Of course, a perfect world is not realistic, but using the platform of news can bring awareness to the issue and inform the general audience and public about what is occurring around us. The nature of the story is heartwarming, as this family receives a home to call their own, but we cannot stop here.

The Henks residency was given exactly what they deserved therefore this must set a precedent for generosity spreading across the community. By raising our voices, we can make a difference in not only our town, but our country and world.


Ava Domenichelli

San Marcos

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