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Letter to the Editor

Sunday, December 12, 2021


One hundred years of Rotary in San Marcos was acknowledged at our club’s meeting on Dec. 1. Planning a Gala Centennial Celebration in January meant there was no special program on the actual charter date. So, tying an overdue haircut to our club's Centennial seemed “Hair Brained” enough: seek $100 for 100mm of hair for our 100th Anniversary.

The awareness of Rotary’s commitment to end Polio ( eVCMzt6C ) is ongoing, and we remain committed. Last year's "Pints for Polio" project (Pints of Beer) raised $3,000, so a “Hair Raisin'” goal of $3,001 seemed ambitious.

The '60's mantra "Get a Haircut!" echoed... It was creativity on how to cut it that initiated a sense of competition, and vote$ for specific cuts and styles started coming in.

Local business magnate Brian McCoy sought simplicity and donated to "Shave That Head!" Then, learning of "Locks of Love" to donate a head of hair for wig-making resulted in yet another new category. Leading the way, our community’s Mayor Jane Hughson made her donation and proclaimed, "Let it Grow!".

In a spirit of cooperation, James Walker Real Estate "Team Texas" Logo and fellow K-Town High School Alums seeking a big red “K" divided my head by aligning with the Mohawk camp, and it looked like spending the Holidays as a billboard was to be the plan...

Dread Locks didn’t get much support, but a "Tight Perm" camp coalition with "Let It Grow!" folks, caused a bidding war to break out ... In the end, the "Tight Perm" camp was advised that the heat and chem treatment could damage the long hair long-term, so a compromise T&B (Trim and Braid) category was created and my new French Braids are ... interesting.

As for the Hair Raisin’ FUNdraiser? More than $8,000 for Polio Plus was raised, and with the Gates Foundation extending a 2:1 match, more than $24,000 will be presented to the Rotary Foundation to help finally eradicate Polio. All without getting my hair cut?

So, an unexpected period of more long hair lies ahead, with rising hair care concerns. Yes, I’m committed to ensure a healthy ponytail is presented for Locks of Love, just not soon enough...

Thanks to all for the support given, and for your continuing efforts to help others where you can as you can when you can... ‘tis The Season for Kindness and Generosity!

Holy Days Blessings to All!

Peter Baen

San Marcos

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