Letter to the Editor

SMPD officer is my hero


This is for my local hero, who touched my heart, that I have never forgotten. I’m a single mom with a wonderful son who is now 8. Back in 2015, when the Memorial Day floods hit we lost everything. FEMA helped a little bit, then we went through another in October, and once again lost it all. FEMA did not help that time.

In December, had a 16-foot trailer with all of our belongings that we had tried to salvage or bought new, that blew off during a storm. Still displaced, we were now in the last week of December and became homeless, so I gave my son to my grandparents as I came back to San Marcos to try and rebuild a place for my son and I. There was a moment where I just wanted to give up.

One evening, I found myself at a church, asking for a few dollars for something to eat. Yes, I was crying. When I had asked two different people, I was kinda shrugged off and was told, “Sorry.”

About 10 minutes later, I saw police lights and was thinking, “Wow, really … no gas in my car, no phone turned on, and hungry.” This officer was my angel.

Still crying, trying to speak, I briefly shared a little bit about what was going on as I’m holding my prayer book that was given to me by the very church that I was at that evening after the first flood. Still to this day I have my prayer book, which is a reminder of everyone who has helped us along the way. I would ask them if they would sign it.

So after explaining to the officer, he then kindly asked me to get in my car and follow him to the gas station down the road. He filled up my tank, which was $36, then asked me where would I like to eat. Speechless, I didn’t care where, so I said Taco Cabana. My meal was $12. As I was done ordering he said he had to go. I asked him to sign my prayer book and he did before he he walked out. He gave me $30 cash to help go toward my phone. He saved me in so many ways, I just want to say thank you with all of my heart.

You have not been forgotten, Officer Daniel Duckworth, #467 San Marcos Police Department.

Amy Migliavacca

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