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Letters to the Editor

Sunday, June 14, 2020


Letter to the Editor: In response to the letter to the editor dated June 3, 2020, I feel obligated to explain that as a former resident of Belvin Street and a current resident of San Antonio Street, the residents of both streets are no more privileged than any other neighborhood resident. Neighborhood streets are not as wide as other thoroughfares for the reason that are and were meant to serve the people who live on those streets. Belvin and San Antonio streets are not even arteries because they each end in a T-intersection. Arteries such as Craddock and Old Ranch Road 12 are meant to carry the bulk of the traffic to, from and across the city center. Traffic should be diverted away from these small streets as a safety precaution for everyone (especially children that live on these streets) not just the residents of Belvin and San Antonio Streets.

Elly Del Prado Dietz,

San Marcos


Since Memorial Day, the trains have started blaring their horns again. If you live anywhere close to the tracks, you know how many sleepless nights we have gone through, and how many earaches during the day not to mention how many frayed nerves.

"Why" questions have gone unanswered. No one at city hall has any answers and phone calls go transferred from city hall to their homes. It seems like most essential city hall staff have been on extended vacations at their homes while their offices sit vacant at city hall. The library is closed as is the monthly dump site at the animal shelter, and the animal shelter. Are these people being paid for not being on the job?

Mayor Hughson told a friend of mine, Albert Vargas that we have to call Union Pacific and no one knows why. What is our mayor's role? If she cannot or will not try to help the people who elected her, we do not need her in office. So who can we turn to?

We cannot use Hopkins Street because it is under construction, so what do they do? They block off San Antonio Street at Hunter Road and block off Belvin Street because the rich and influential people told city officials there are too many cars on "their" street that are speeding. What about our streets?

My message to the mayor: Don't come knocking on our doors in our Hispanic and Black neighborhoods when re-election time comes around. Albert and I are going to mount a vigorous campaign against you if you do not do your job as mayor and get some questions answers from Union Pacific. You cannot and will not win re-election without the Hispanic and Black vote. Go to your base on Belvin Street and the surrounding area where you can exercise your influence to their every whim and desire.


Ezekiel Enriquez Sr.,

San Marcos

P.S. Thank you Councilman Saul Gonzales, for helping us as much as you can.


A Letter to the City Government of San Marcos:

Dear Mayor and Government Staff:

I request that you sign a proclamation that in the spirit of Justice for All that on the _______________(you chose the date)___________, the streets will be blocked in the area surrounding MLK and LBJ Streets where the public is invited to come together for a time of public prayer asking that all citizens of San Marcos renounce racism that has led to the death of men and women of color at the hands of peace officers. Let us pray for our Police Department, Texas State Patrol, Hays County Sheriff's officers, Texas States Police to have the foresight and training to not draw a weapon to kill or wound anyone, those breaking the law and those who are innocents, in the emotional haste that takes justice into their own hands. Let them remember they are called to be "Peace Officers" to arrest only and leave the Law in the Hands of the Courts. We salute all the men who choose to take the oath to uphold the peace; we remember those who have given their own lives when answering a call, and we as citizens do thank them for doing their duty; but in the name of racial justice, we recall the hard choices citizens have made to bring our United States of America to this resolution---that we all try harder to make our country worthy of the blessing of God and the Pledge of Allegiance---"with justice and liberty for all."

Yours truly,

Judy E. Lanning,

San Marcos

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