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Letters to the Editor

Sunday, March 21, 2021


My name is Ellie Stewart. My husband and I moved to San Marcos 50 years ago after he retired from the Air Force. We could have gone most anywhere but we chose San Marcos out of the blue. We have absolutely loved living here. One of the main reasons is that people seem to really care about each other. One of the finest examples of that caring has been the Lions Club. My husband is a member of the San Marcos Lions Club and I am a member of the Bluebonnet Lions. We have witnessed first hand the difference these organizations make in our city by their financial support to so many nonprofit organizations that help people in need. Not only that; but, when the building at City Park had a devastating fire, the San Marcos Lions Club made a huge contribution toward rebuilding it. They also pay rent for the use of the building and contribute to our city and schools in other ways.

The San Marcos Lions Club Tube Rental makes enjoying the San Marcos River easy for so many folks! And, with the funds they take in, the Lions Club supports an unbelievable number of non-profit organizations. Among those is the Redwood Community Center dba Centro Esperanza. Harry and I have been on the Board for 10 years now. With the generous support of the San Marcos Lions Club and others, we have been able to transform a 2-acre donated vacant lot into a place the people can gather, can come for ESL and GED lessons, can come for free food delivery if they are eligible and for many, many other services. We also have provided a playground, soccer field, and basketball court for the youth to enjoy.

Redwood Community Center is just one of the many nonprofit organizations that are supported by the Lions Club. I am completely appalled that our city government would even consider not renewing the agreement that has worked so well for so many years and has benefited so many deserving people. I sincerely hope our city council will allow the San Marcos Lions Club to continue to serve the people of San Marcos!


Ellie Stewart,

Treasurer Redwood Community Center

Dear Editor,

The recent murders of eight in Atlanta by a man with a gun are a stark reminder of the consequences of views like those recently expressed by Hays County Representative, Chip Roy.

Deciding who the “bad guys (gals)” are, then taking the law into your own hands to punish them has not been unknown in the past, and appears to be evident in Putin’s Russia, but is this the country our children will inherit?

Chip Roy has revealed so clearly what he and his Tea Party cronies stand for — and it is not a vision of a peaceful, law-abiding country. Those guilty of crime should face punishment when duly convicted by law, but not at the hands of those who would abandon justice, and who have never discarded their white hoods.

Norma Watkins

San Marcos

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