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Letters to the Editor

Sunday, August 30, 2020


The author who wrote a letter in last week's Sunday edition does not understand why some leaders and city officials don't have the foresight to build homes and apartments for the elderly. She mentions Lindsey Hill or Heights as an example. Well, let me tell her that the very same people who blocked that project are the people that are now blocking Belvin Street and San Antonio Street from being used by us taxpayers who have every right to use our public streets. We have to detour all the way to Craddock Street just to get downtown or to the small HEB. These people are well catered by our mayor and city manager. Remember that on election day.

Also, I have a bone to pick with the Daily Record's publisher. He referred to some "counselors" in his column four weeks ago but later wrote some city councilmembers. He may as well have said Ms. Marquez because we're all aware of who he was referring to. I, myself, have been fighting discriminatory issues for over 50 years at city hall because, yes, Mr. Winter, most contracts are awarded to white people. And if I recall correctly, I believe our "airport's" funding was approved by city council.


Ezekiel Enriquez Sr.,

San Marcos


All Americans have one issue on which they agree.

Acceptance of election results is the bedrock of a stable democracy and no-one benefits if this is not the case.

Both parties are amassing huge resources promoting their respective candidates but these resources would be better spent on bolstering the election infrastructure. After all, both candidates are well known to anyone paying attention and it is unlikely that neither one is going to change his priorities or behavior in the foreseeable future.

1. The integrity of the postal service must be unquestioned. Mail-in voting must be seen as a viable and even desirable voting method given the COVID-19 pandemic

2. Voter registration must be encouraged and obstacles removed 3. Increased opportunities for in-person voting should be a priority for every American

It is my belief that campaign contributions should be channeled to non-partisan entities which promote strengthening the election process and political parties should cease the circular firing squad approach and agree to build a stronger and more united America through free, fair and universally respected voting procedures.

Gordon L. Sabin

San Marcos

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