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Letters to the Editor

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Brother John (Navarrette, that is)

Not long ago John announced his retirement from CenturyLink.  After a very successful career in the telephone industry, he decided to finally retire.  John has been a pillar in the greater San Marcos community for many years.  He and Chloe are best known for their long-term commitment to the sports program at Texas State University.  No other couple has given so much for so long as the Navarrettes!  They are regulars at football, basketball, volleyball and baseball games — at home and on the road.  In 2020, John was selected as a Texas State Distinguished Alumni.  Their gifts of “time, talents and treasures” have been unmatched in the past four decades at the university.

I met Brother John in the early 1980s and worked (teamed up) with him in many community and university committees.  Some of the community organizations included:  Greater San Marcos Chamber of Commerce, Hays County United Way, Gary Job Corps Community Relations Council, American Heart Association Heartwalk, San Marcos Education Foundation, San Marcos Manufacturers Association, etc.  On many of our “joint” assignments our task or challenge was to raise funds for these particular organizations.  At one time we were labeled as “Batman and Robin.”  One of us to “bat” potential donors and the other to “rob” them.  Since we did it with a caring heart most donors were more than happy to help.

Recently, I thought about words to describe my great friend and came up with the following list: (a) Christian, (b) Chloe, (c) CenturyLink, (d) caring, (e) character, (f) community, (g) committed, (h) collegiate, (i) connected, (j) courageous, (k) confident, (l) charismatic, and (m) compassionate.  And I am confident that other friends and associates could add to my personal “C” list!

For the past 40 years or so, I know of no other couple that has given so much and expected so little from our community. This is my salute to one of San Marcos’ finest gentlemen and his gracious wife.

Thank you, Brother John!  You have made a very significant difference in our community and at Texas State University!!  You deserve more than a John Navarrette Day – perhaps a week or even a month.

Brother Paul

Paul E. Neilson


Republicans refusing to consider gun safety laws are hiding behind the second Amendment of the Constitution.  I do not believe that the writers of the U.S. Constitution ever imagined a world in which the right to bear an assault rifle would be held as more sacred than the lives of school children and the many others who die through gun violence every day. At a minimum, the U.S. Senate should increase the age for gun purchases from 18 to 21. There is absolutely no reason a teenager should be able to purchase a gun, much less an assault rife. The moral choice is for a ban on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines.

Joanne Salas

San Marcos

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