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Lindsey Hill’s story will end badly

Letter to the Editor
Sunday, September 9, 2018


I would like to address the issue of the proposed rezoning of the Lindsey Hill project from an “ area of stability” to “high intensity growth area.” I know you have heard a lot about this site and its historic significance to San Marcos history.

History is all about stories. How many of you tell stories about your families’ past? Lindsey Hill has its stories too, so its preservation is important and worthwhile.

But, what concerns me even more is that the rezoning process for this project is just the beginning.

An area of stability means successful and well established neighborhoods. Stability is created by individuals whose primary investment, both financially and emotionally, is to the home and the city they live in. Their future is here now, next year and the years to come.

How many developers coming to San Marcos live here now or plan to do so? Are their futures here, where will they be when their projects are finished? Do they have to deal with increases in traffic, pollution, crime, flooding, parking, water shortages anything that has to do with the quality of our lives.

No, they will be long gone.

Lindsey Hill is the first in the process and it will set a precedent for future developers who don’t see San Marcos as a place they will live but as a place to reap a quick profit.

And— the closer our neighborhoods are to downtown and the university, the greater the risk that once the door is opened, more rezoning requests will follow. It is no coincidence that one developer has purchased 18 homes, 12 within historic neighborhoods.

Lindsey Hill will be the footprint that can impact the future direction of our city’s growth. Developers do not have their futures invested here, their hearts are not invested here and with only the dollar sign guiding and motivating them, can we really believe their promises and entrust our future to them?

Let’s strive for responsible growth with compatible density and compatible use.

Surely, we can build for our city’s future without destroying its past.

Surely we can grow in ways that attract those who also want to make San Marcos their permanent home, connected and committed to this city, ready to create their own stories.

Remember, Lindsay Hill is just the beginning of a story with a bad ending.

Thea Dake San Marcos

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