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New sidewalk on Bishop St. a civic plus

Letter to the Editor
Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Sidewalk Success!

I want to publically thank the San Marcos City Council and city employees for the new sidewalk on Bishop Street. This sidewalk fixes the potentially deadly situation where pedestrians previously had to walk in the road next to fast moving traffic on a blind hill. The new sidewalk is safer, more neighborly, and looks beautiful.

The sidewalk is used by people who walk to their jobs in the morning, students going places with their friends, people out exercising, and families walking with their pets. The sidewalk features attractive concrete work that mimics stone and special ecologically minded bricks that allow water to flow through them – avoiding impervious cover in this aquifer recharge zone.  The sidewalk project also features a dedicated bike lane, connects with an improved bus stop, and ties into an overall neighborhood transportation plan. Such a civic plus! Yay San Marcos!

Todd Salmi

San Marcos

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