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One death from gun violence is too many

Letter to the Editor
Sunday, February 24, 2019


As a fellow Texas State student let me say that the death of Aaron “Jack” Peterman hits me at my core. No student should go off to college and never return home because of one person’s pull of a trigger.

Peterman’s death marks the second act of gun violence this year for San Marcos, a number that should always remain at zero. While we may never find out how the firearm that killed Peterson was acquired, safe storage practices must be followed by all responsible gun owners in order to ensure that children do not get access to a firearm resulting in death and/or injury, to reduce the risk of a firearm being used by a teen to commit suicide and to hinder the ability of criminals to use a lawful gun owners’ firearm for unlawful purposes.

Readers can find more information on safe storage practices at the Be SMART for kids' website.

Michael Clarke

San Marcos 

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