An open letter to Lamar Smith

Guest column

Congressman Lamar Smith:

I am deeply concerned about the future of our country.  The fact that your public statements of the last few weeks are all in support of President Trump’s banning of refugees and promise to build a wall do not really seem to be in touch with what is happening in our country right now. Further, your recent statement that the only way to get the “unvarnished truth” is to get our information directly from the President leads me to believe that maybe you have been in Washington too long.  Do you, the Chair of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee seriously believe that a man who gets his news from the InfoWars website (the source of news items like President Obama smells of sulphur because he is a demon) and right-wing fake news outlets like Breibart, is a source of factual information?  If we are to get our news from the President than why are you not calling for the invalidation of last November’s election and an investigation into how more than 3 million votes were illegally cast as President Trump claims?  

And speaking of the election, do you share the President’s admiration for Vladimir Putin who ordered Russian agents to interfere in our presidential election?  Do you admire the “strong leader” who ordered the annexation of the Crimea, the invasions of Georgia and the Ukraine, and who is now deploying new cruise missiles in violation of a 1987 treaty that bans Russian and American intermediate range, land-based missiles?  Why have you remained silent when it has become clear that close aides to President Trump were communicating with Russian intelligence agents during the presidential campaign?  Why are you not calling for an investigation into who in the Trump administration has been collaborating with the Russians? Why are you not calling for President Trump to release his tax returns so that the American people can see with whom in Russia the President does business?  What are your thoughts on the fact that North Korea is testing missiles capable of carrying a nuclear weapon while our President complains about a department store’s decision to cease carrying his daughter’s clothing line? 

In regards to Texas, you have remained silent as the President promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act which would take health insurance away from over 1,000,000 Texans, and not a word from you concerning a plan to replace it.  You also have not spoken out against the president’s promise to tear up NAFTA, despite the fact that Texas does over one billion dollars a year of business with Mexico because of NAFTA.  You are a congressional representative from Texas. You were elected to represent us. However, you don’t seem to show much concern for the welfare of your constituents.  Who are you representing?

I hope that elected representatives from both parties have the backbone to stand up to the threats facing our democracy and to put country before party. I hope that our elected representatives have the backbone to resist the president’s attacks on Federal judges and stand up for the rule of law. I expect elected officials to emphasize service to their constituents, and honor the U.S. Constitution. You have remained silent through all that has happened in the last few weeks.  You don’t seem to be concerned with the safety and security of Texans, who are you representing? 


Jon McGee is a resident of San Marcos.

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