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An open letter to mayor and council in support of Lindsey Hill project

Open Letter
Sunday, September 16, 2018

September 10, 2018

Honorable Mayor and City Council and Chair and Members of the Planning and Zoning Commission

Members of the Committee to review the Lindsey Hill Project PSA-18-04


This is the second correspondence we are sending about the Lindsey Hill redevelopment project. We continue to be supportive of this development as proposed.

During your deliberation in workshop session, and beyond, we ask that you address the following issues which seem to be repeated during citizen comment regarding Lindsey Hill.

1. Architectural integrity — confirm that the renderings on the Lindsey Hill website — — are consistent with the project design.

2. Confirm that any transfers or sale of the property — if it should occur —must bind the new owners to the non-student residential environment and the positive remedies regarding owner occupied condominiums, apartment rental vetting standards and no sub- letting.

3. Make sure that the drainage plan is consistent with city codes.

4. Confirm that owners of Lindsey Hill will utilize best practices for construction debris removal.

5. Confirm that the historical significance of the property is reflected in the interactive marker that is planned for the project.

6. Confirm that there is adequate parking for residents and guests.

7. Confirm that the PDD and the PSA will flow together, once approved, and that the Lindsey Hill development will assuredly proceed as defined in the PDD.

Please utilize your creative ability and your sense of responsibility, to the entire community, to see that this project moves forward.

The owners have been vigilant in meeting with citizens and in complying with city codes for several years. Lindsey Hill provides for a perfect buffer between the downtown and the neighborhoods — while providing much needed non- student housing to our population. We need this on our tax rolls. Our dependence on sales tax revenue in our general fund far exceeds our future financial security.

Additionally, this is a vital improvement to the current Lamar property and is long overdue. We have every hope that you will treat this with the utmost fairness and vote to allow Lindsey Hill to proceed.

Thank you for your service.

Kathy and Randall Morris

802 Belvin St. San Marcos

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