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The subject of how San Marcos will be developed has been formally discussed for the last four and a half years as the city has attempted to pass Code SMTX. The development code is intended to provide a guide for any person or entity wishing to build just about any type of structure in our city.

San Marcos needs a clear set of guidelines to determine what is built and where, and in most cases, what the building will look like.

People constantly want to build something new or remodel something old. Code SMTX gives these people the guidelines to follow, dependent on where the project is located and it being consistent with the surrounding neighborhoods.

If a solid code had been in place a few years ago, we might have been able to prevent some of the flooding in Blanco Gardens attributed to building of the Woods Apartments along the San Marcos River.

The issue before us now is that the San Marcos City Council doesn’t seem to be able to decide whether to vote yes to implement Code SMTX as is, approve it with changes, or say no and go back to the drawing board.

Sue Cohen recently submitted an opinion for publication in the San Marcos Daily Record supported by 22 other San Marcos residents asking the council to give Code SMTX a chance. She cited how long the city has worked on this code and the many protections the code provides for the character and integrity of our neighborhoods. After reading Cohen’s opinion, the Record agrees with her and urges the council to support the passage of Code SMTX and move forward.

Codes in many cities usually get updated every five years or so. Residents and developers turn to city hall to express where they feel codes might not be clear, or where the rules result in unintended consequences. These issues get reviewed and codes get changed.

Code SMTX will replace existing codes, and most of the seven council members agree the new codes are better than what we have.

It has taken four years and hundreds of meetings to get to this point, and it is now time for council to act. If the Code SMTX passes with an additional Neighborhood Designation or it passes with no new changes, it needs to pass.

The present code has been in place for way too long. Forcing residents and builders to continue with codes everyone seems to agree are not in San Marcos’ best interest is a bad idea.

Council needs to do their job, pass Code SMTX.

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