Place 3: Classic neighborhood versus developer competition


The city council, Place 3 race appears to be a classic neighborhood (Ed Mihalkanin) / developer (Amy Stanfield) contest. The presence of a large Stanfield campaign sign in front of the future Gumby’s site on Hopkins is a dead giveaway. Gumby’s was denied a permit to sell alcohol at this location by a 5-2 vote of city council early this year, primarily due to the proximity of the location to a sorority house, substance abuse recovery program and other vulnerable entities. Mihalkanin was among the five votes against the permit. Stanfield has apparently been identified by the Austin based owners of Gumby’s as someone whose vote they could count on whenever they apply for a permit again, as they inevitably will. In his several terms on council, Mihalkanin has been a reliable defender of the neighborhoods and overall a thoughtful, judicious and independent councilman. Those whose priorities include protecting the city’s neighborhoods and existing businesses from adverse consequences of inappropriate development would do well to support him in the upcoming election.


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