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On the precipice

Our Viewpoint
Sunday, December 30, 2018

Here we are, after a tumultuous year, poised on the precipice of 2019. We can’t turn around, we have no choice but to go over.

What direction we swim in once we hit the stream below, however, is entirely up to us.

In San Marcos, this old year has brought a range of emotions from joy to grief — mixed in with the uncertainty that often lies between the two.

We wept when five young lives were lost — and others forever changed — in the inferno of Iconic Village, and went on to feel the salt rubbed in still-fresh wounds upon learning the fire was no accident and the deaths were homicides.

We celebrated when a historic African American church that was erected on the site of another destroyed by hate was given a second chance through an outpouring of the community’s love.

We watched in horror as our neighbors to the north and east experienced the kind of devastating flooding that has impacted our city all too often. We listened, our interest tempered with ongoing concerns, as city leaders laid out plans to protect some of our most vulnerable neighborhoods when the rivers rise again.

We recoiled at the continuing expressions of hate fueling unrest on the campus of Texas State University, and encouraged the efforts of university administrators to reform the Greek system in the wake of several deaths in recent years.

Toward year’s end, we elected new leaders for our city and county and placed in them our trust.

As we head over the nearing precipice, let’s go over it together. Let’s work at extending trust to one another as well, and vow to turn our attention, and our energy, not to those things that divide us but to those we all have in common.

Here’s to the New Year.

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