President must hold himself to a much higher standard

Letter to the Editor


My understanding of the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression is that the government may not restrict the ability of citizens to express their views openly and freely with the exception of speech which is harmful or dangers to the public welfare such as in the classic example of shouting “fire” in a crowded theater.

It seems to me that for the president to purposely and publicly ridicule the young, insecure, paranoid leader of another nation who has an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction is the poster child for speech which is potentially harmful and dangerous for the rest of us.

The speech of the President of the U.S. is much more significant than that of ordinary citizens as it is backed by his elevated position in the world community. His speech therefore has the potential for creating harmful and dangerous situations for mankind and must therefore be held to a much higher standard than those of us who speak only for ourselves.

The president must hold himself to a much higher standard regarding his public statements and yes, tweets once sent, are public statements. Either the higher standard must be observed or we risk the possibility of the utterances of the leader of the free world having no more significance than those of the guy on the next barstool.

Respectfully, Gordon Sabin San Marcos

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