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Protect programs when making donation decision

Letter to the Editor
Monday, March 11, 2019


As a donor to both Mano Amiga and School Fuel, two charitable programs that use the old Bonham School building, I am in favor of the school board continuing to make the site available to both programs. If this can be done by transferring title of the building to El Centro, I would support such a plan.  However, if School Fuel will be burdened by being required to pay rent for the space where it receives food donations for school children and sorts the food for distribution, this is a short-sighted proposal.   

Both Mano Amiga and School Fuel benefit not only the Hispanic community in San Marcos, but the entire community.  If my donations to either program is diminished by a transfer of ownership that would result in rent payments to El Centro, it would be preferable for the school board to maintain its ownership of the property and continue donating the space to charitable activities.

Before the school board makes a decision about the future use of the old school building, more thought should be given to the effect on the charitable programs that now use the facility, so that their work is enhanced, not burdened, by new expenses.

Lamar W. Hankins

San Marcos

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