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Reader seeks direction, solutions from city officials

Letter to the Editor
Sunday, September 1, 2019

It CAN be dangerous to live outside unprotected under a grove of trees, under a bridge, on the rail road tracks, on the river banks or behind an air conditioner behind a business like at Walmart. In my mind there is no question about it… this behavior “IS” obviously dangerous & to ALL of us! On Saturday 8-24-2019 at noon I witnesses the yellow SMPD crime caution tape with drones flying over head surrounding & documenting the crime area on IH35 at McKie Street. That Wednesday the Daily Record 8-28-2019 ran the story front page headline that read … “Man dead at Veterans Park.” How sad! I have been bringing this problem to light to many officials in our City and in open public meetings to bring attention to it during open neighborhood meetings etc. some can’t see the problem even exists and I feel that not doing enough is being done about this problem that is hidden ALL around us. I’m looking for direction & solutions from our officials. Not everyone puts campaign signs in their yard during elections although we do speak LOUDLY at the ballot box. I am appalled that in “America” the land of opportunity that people have made decisions & choices that has put themselves in these types of dangerous and illegal situations. San Marcos “WE” need to address this behavior so please cast your VOTE November 5th, 2019 & let your voice be heard.


Sara Lee Underwood-Myers

Please Vote early!

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