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Reader voices support for city councilmember

Letter to the Editor
Sunday, January 12, 2020


In response to SMDR. Publisher Lance Winter’s front page article for Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020, regarding a letter filed as Ethics Complaint by Mr. Phil Hutchinson to City of San Marcos Ethics Review Commission against city councilwoman Jocabed Marquez personal remarks on her twitter account for Nov. 19, 2019, about affordable housing developers being of a certain type is suspect as I see it.

I know that I am not in public office and not bound by strict moral and ethical conduct, however, is what Marquez observing not obviously true? What law has she broken? Is Hutchinson taking an opportunity to assassinate character of a brown skinned Mexican female opponent? How convenient that would be considering that one of Marquez's plank to her platform coming into office was “Adding Color to existing mix at City Council”. As I see it, nothing has changed in American Politics since the infamous “Robert Moses,” and. Marquez has more intestinal fortitude that many Mexican men leaders that say and do nothing about the obvious.

In closing, as I read Sunday’s SMDR for Jan. 5, on page 5A about an article titled “1 Fatally stabbed, 3 hurt in Friday morning attack in Austin, by Paul J. Weber of Associated Press, stating that after the attack, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott speculated on twitter that the attacker was a “Homeless Criminal.” Yet, the Austin Police couldn’t confirm the Governor’s claim at that time of the statement. So, should the State be liable for Governor Abbott’s insult? Or, was it an insult? Furthermore, President Trump makes derogatory claims against many on a daily basis on his personal twitter and who wins there? I support Jocabed Marquez's right to free speech also.


Ruben N. Gutierrez

San Marcos

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