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Scary level of anarchy

Letter to the Editor
Sunday, October 21, 2018

Dear Editor,

Our democracy survived recently (Kavanaugh vs. Ford) perennially yet now vigorously surrounded by socialism or worse. We finally, decided, in close to a dead heat, that due process wasn’t a mirage. Thank God for old white men and a strong woman, wise enough to know a factual may not beats an emotional maybe so.

Yet soon after a senator’s wife says she carries a pistol in her purse. A senator fears someone may be assassinated. In Portland, people block streets and bang on cars while police watch.

Someday, in time, two adults may end up in the same room, even sit down and speak to each other. Even in civil English.

Otherwise, socialism or worse — a scary level of anarchy‚ may become the new normal.

Tom McNair

San Marcos

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